Warlock Garage 2024

Welcome to Warlock Garage, thank you for your support through 2023.

For 2024 we plan on adding several services, which will include more motorcycle restoration and build options including Custom paint, parts upgrades, accessory installation, even custom parts such as sissy bars, bezel relocation mounts etc.

For vehicles we are currently looking for more complete restoration projects, we already have proven we can get cars back on the road. We have had several semi restorations, usually sitting for 10 plus years. we love to get these cars moving like they should again. we are also looking for owners that are looking for restomod services, such as improving suspension, upgrading, rebuilding, engine swaps, seamless glass installation. etc

We are currently going to be offering select paint and body services. We do not have the space yet to do frame off paintjobs, but as we expand those services will be added. As for paint and body we can perform on frame paintjobs. We can perform rust repair, interior removal and replacement, with basic upholstery and custom fabrication, such as trans tunnel mods, floor pan/firewall repair, seat upgrades, dakota digital dashes etc.

A more detailed list of current services, will be added to the services page.

Again thank you for your support in 2023 we look forward to seeing your projects for 2024!