Warlock Garage Services

We are a Veteran owned service, repair and restoration shop specializing in Classic Cars, and pre ODB 1 vehicles. Head mechanic is also prior military, engine mechanic on f-15, and the owner a maintenance and airframes mechanic on f-18/ea-6b aircraft, both have extensive time in the industry, both certified mechanics, from experience in motorcycle racing, to NHRA and lots in between. For any questions about your vehicle, scheduling your vehicle and getting it into the shop; please feel free to call us or send us an email. Follow us on our social media pages to find out all of the projects that we are working on.


Billing and Labor

  • Current rate for 2024 is $125/hr
  • We do not give estimates, we work by the hour and bill by the hour, the labor is all documented in a by the hour log, and is broken down in the bill
  • we bill hourly because it is not fair or accurate to the customer, if we run into a rusty bolt, brakes that not only need the estimated wheel cylinder but also the brake lines are disintegrating and will have to be custom fabricated (actually happened), or a custom made differential that the owner was not aware of (again has actually happened, parts no longer made for custom diff, replacement necessary became a much bigger job than anticipated). Just the reality of classic cars.
  • We Bill weekly and rarely ask for a deposit unless it is a valuable item or lots of parts, that way if something comes up (family emergency, child, etc) we can put the project on hold and the customer is not out the entire deposit.
  • The Veteran and first responder discount will be raised to $110/ hour for 2024, please ask about it.


Some but not all of our services currently offered for classic cars are:


  • Diagnostic services for drive train, brakes, electrical, and basic a/c
  • Carburetor rebuild, upgrade, and replacement
  • Visual inspections of entire vehicle, for preventative maintenance recommendations, and prepurchase visual inspection.
  • Lube, oil change and fluid services (brake, wiper fluid, coolant, oil bath filter etc.)
  • Suspension diagnostics, repair, replacement
  • Body mount, engine mount, replacement
  • Weather seal replacement, window seal replacement
  • Lighting inspection replacement and upgrade, blinkers headlights body lights
  • Wheel and tire replacement/upgrade
  • Coolant flush, thermostat, freeze plug, pressure test, hose replacement.
  • Steering component inspection, leaks, ball joint replacement, steering column and wheel replacement.
  • Hardline/softline replacent fuel and brake lines
  • Window roller functions
  • Basic floor steering alignment

Restomod Services

  • Carb upgrade, fuel injection upgrades, electronically controlled ignition
  • Wiring upgrades, such as racing/aviation style cannon connectors, aviation style wiring loom, hidden loom.
  • Brake upgrades, power booster, vacuum pumps, electronic braking, including spindle replacement, 4-wheel disk brakes
  • Drivetrain services, engine swaps, transmission swaps, driveshaft upgrades, differential upgrades
  • Light fabrication, such as custom tab mounts, engine mounts
  • Light interior fabrication, such as trans tunnel, floorboard replacement, speaker boxes, I plan on adding more custom metal fab work as the year progresses, such as custom dash etc
  • Interior replacement, and upgrade, door handles, steering wheel replacment power windows, seamless glass
  • Suspension for instance shelby drop kits, detroit speed, and other similar kits.
  • Widebody fender kits, (fabricating fenders and other body panels, will be added in the future)
  • Bumper deletes.
  • Stereo installation

    Paint and Body

    • Wash and wax service
    • Clay bar
    • Interior detail
    • Basic paint matching for components such as new steering wheel to match steering column
    • Complete frame-on restoration paintjobs, (frame off will be offered in the future but for now we do not have the space.
    • Body repair including rust repair and dents, rusty floorboards, and firewalls, cab corners, metal finishing dents (hand metal work rather than cave and pave with body filler), cab, fender roof replacement and more
    • Chrome replacement, chrome elimination
    • Body kit installation
    • Basic fiberglass repair
    • Custom motorcycle paintjobs (case by case)


    If you don't see the service you are looking for please contact us and discuss, i may have not listed it yet!


    Hours open are Monday-Friday: 8am-5pm.

    Saturday is by appointment only.

    Phone: 512-733-9034

    Email: warlockgarage@gmail.com